Recipient Dr Matthew Hobson/ Dr Muftah Hddad
Date 01 March, 2019
Amount £2,500
Summary Working within the framework of the EAMENA project Dr Matt Hobson and Dr Muftah Hddad have designed an open-source database, functioning in both English and Arabic, for recording archaeological sites and threats to their preservation in Libya.

A grant from the Society for Libyan Studies is allowing a web-browser interface to be developed by IT specialist Bart Noordervliet of MMVI, through which data can be entered into the database from anywhere with a Web connection.

Italian military maps from the early 20th century available at the SOAS library in London contain information about the location of thousands of ruins, which will be recorded using this methodology.

The basic design of the database and its user-interface has been employed before, previously tailored to other archaeological research projects. This version will be specifically designed to work over slow Internet connections, solving serious problems that have been encountered by the Arches database user-interface. The new user-interface will go into immediate use and be introduced to participants during training in Tunis in 2019.