Society Grants

Grant Applications

The Society for Libyan Studies offers a number of grants for research projects within its current scheme: ‘Social and Cultural Interactions Across North Africa’.

There are two rounds of grant applications each year, the deadlines for which are the 31 July and the 30 November, by which times applications should be sent to the General Secretary of the Society for consideration by the Society’s Research Grants Committee.

Applicants for the July round will be notified of the outcome by the end of October; applicants for the November round will be notified by the end of February the following year.

Both SMALL and LARGER research grants – covering all forms of research, not just fieldwork – are allocated via bi-annual applications to the Society. Grant RENEWALS, for a subsequent instalment of an agreed multi-year research grant, are allocated via annual applications to the Society.

All projects should, in some way, have a relation to Libya as well as other countries within the region (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger, Mali, Chad, Sudan); interactions with Malta and Crete and other regions of Southern Europe will also be considered.

It is a requirement of the British Academy, the principal sponsor of the Society and its grants scheme, that all funded projects should ‘advance the UK research endeavour’. This is understood to mean that they must, in some sense, involve British nationals and/or British institutions.

The Society will consider applications within the broad range of Humanities and Social Sciences. Please note, the Society is unable to fund PhD fees or living costs, but we can fund specific elements of a PhD project such as fieldwork or visits to particular resources.

The Society’s Research Grants Committee, led by the Chairman, Prof. Kevin MacDonald, is responsible for considering grant applications. Dr Saul Kelly is the external assessor.

For more information and to apply for one of the Society’s grants, please download and read the notes for applicants and complete the relevant application form, below:

Form A (Small Grants): Application form and guidance notes for a (small) one-off research grant involving a single individual

Form B (Larger Grants): Application form and guidance notes for an initial research grant involving more than one person or a project of more than one year’s duration

Form C (Grant Renewals): Application form and guidance notes for a subsequent instalment of an agreed multi-year research grant

Urgent Award Procedures

Under exceptional circumstances the Society for Libyan Studies Council will consider applications outside the normal procedures and timetables detailed above. Please click here to read more about the conditions that may warrant such applications.

Grants Awarded

Below is a list of the most recent research grants awarded by the Society (latest round of grants awarded October, 2017).

For more information about individual Society-sponsored projects, in the first instance, please contact Pauline Graham.

March 2018

‘Women in Roman Cyrenaica: Female Images from Cyrene held at the British Museum.’
Katelin McCullough (UNC-Chapel Hill)

‘Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica: proof state’
Prof. Charlotte Roueché (KCL/ ICS)

‘Photogrammetry and Rapid Documentation at Volubilis Archaeological Project Morocco
Leila Araar (UCL)

‘Mobility, Identity and Community in Christian North Africa’
Dr. Corisande Fenwick (UCL)
£7,500 (renewal of grant from the 2017-18 budget)

October 2017

‘Cultural use of molluscs at Haua Fteah (NE Libya) during the last Interglacial, 135,000 to 115,000 years ago.’
Dr Evan Hill (Belfast)

‘Kingship and Kinship in Moorish North Africa.’
Dr Andy Merrills (Leicester)

Click here to read a report related to this research (Nov 2017)

‘The origins and spread of the Neolithic in North Africa.’
Dr Katie Manning (KCL)

‘Communities, economies and exchange networks along the medieval caravan routes of the pre-Sahara: investigation of the oases centre of Tamdult, southern Morocco.’
Dr Sam Nixon (UEA): 

January 2017

Outside the Walls: the nature of sites and activity present to the suburbs of the Cyrenaican cities in Greek and Roman times.’ 
Mohamed Abdrbba (University of Leicester)

‘The Afterlives of Journeys: Legacies of Libya and Migrants’ Decision-making‘.
Marthe Achtnich (University of Oxford)

Pottery Production and Trade in Roman Libya: a new archaeological and archaeometric examination of ceramics from the Libyan Valleys and Fazzan‘.
Dr Victoria Leitch (University of Leicester)

UCL-UoK Expedition to the Southern Gezira (Sudan): ‘Mobility, identity and interaction of pastoral peoples within the Nile Valley’.
Dr Michael Jonathan Brass (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

Click here to read Dr Brass’s end-of-season Project Report, Oct 2017

‘The Western Nile Delta as seen within a broader North African perspective’
Dr Joanne Rowland (University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology)

‘Mobility, Identity and Community in Christian North Africa’
Dr Corisande Fenwick (UCL Institute of Archaeology)

£7500.00 (for 2017)

February 2016

‘Ambassador Hassuna D’Ghies: A Tripoline Notable in Europe, 1821–1826’
Sara ElGaddari

‘Food ways in three Libyan Communities: history, cultural identity and concepts of well-being’
O Tashani

October 2015

‘Libyan Antiquities at Risk’ – a six month pilot project to develop a reference website and database of tombs and their decoration in Cyrenaica and Tripolitania, with particular focus on the removable and portable elements of tomb decorations that are in danger of being illegally exported from Libya and sold on the art market
Dr Susan Walker, Prof. David Mattingly, Niccolò Mugnai and Dr Julia Nikolaus (University of Leicester)

‘Metal trade in the Pre-Islamic Sahara: Lead Isotopes Analysis of Garamantian copper’
Dr Aurélie Cuénod (University of Leicester)

‘Berbers and Borderlands in Late Antiquity and the early Middle Ages’ (two colloquia and a publication).
Dr Andrew Merrills (University of Leicester) and Dr Corisande Fenwick (UCL)
£1228 (for this year); £6568 (for the whole project).

February 2015

The Political and Cultural Identity of the Libyan Community in Malta
Dr Luisa Gandolfo

From Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea: exports of Upper Egypt fine wares in the Late Roman/Early Byzantine period. A case of Kom al-Ahmer as a passage town
Dr Cristina Mondin

Colonial Science” and the production of a comprehensible territory in Italian Libya
Professor David Atkinson
£13785 (over two years)

Click here to read a report related to this research project (Jan 2018). 

October 2014

Early human dispersals and the Chotts Megalake in southern Tunisia
Prof. Nicholas Barton

Recording, Managing and Preserving Heritage: Islamic Archaeology in Tripolitania
Anna Leone

Everyday Cultures of Internet Use in Arab Societies
Prof. Simeon Yates

Isotope analysis of glasses from Fezzan
Chloë N Duckworth

Architectural decoration in Mauretania Tingitana (Morocco) and North Africa: a comparative, inter-regional study across the Roman and late antique eras
Niccolo Mugnai

February 2014

Mobility, identity and community in Christian North Africa
Corisande Fenwick et al

Funerary Monuments of Tripolitania
Julia Nikolaus et al

Late Roman commerce in the Metelis region (Alexandria – Egypt): a study of North African Red Slip Ware
Cristina Mondin