The Society for Libyan Studies has started a co-published series with Cambridge University Press.

The first series is four-volume Trans-Sahara set (Series Editor: David Mattingly).

Vol 1: D. J. Mattingly, V. Leitch, C.N. Duckworth, A. Cuénod, M. Sterry, F. Cole. (eds) 2017.

Trade in the Ancient Sahara and Beyond.

Saharan trade has been much debated in modern times, but the main focus of interest remains the medieval and early modern periods. The pre-Islamic origins of Trans-Saharan trade have been hotly contested over the years, mainly due to a lack of evidence. However, new research on the Libyan people known as the Garamantes, and on their trading partners in the Sudan and Mediterranean Africa, requires us to revise our views substantially. In this volume experts re-assess the evidence for a range of goods, including beads, textiles, metalwork and glass, and use it to paint a much more dynamic picture, demonstrating that the pre-Islamic Sahara was a more connected region than previously thought.

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Vol 2: M.C. Gatto, D. J. Mattingly, N. Ray and M. Sterry (eds). 2019.

Burials, Migration and Identity in the Ancient Sahara and Beyond.

This volume presents the state of the field of funerary archaeology in the Sahara and its neighbouring regions and sets the agenda for future research on mobility, migration and identity. Burial traditions from various parts of the Sahara are compared and contrasted with those of the Nile Valley, the Maghreb and West Africa. It will be a seminal reference point for Mediterranean and African archaeologists, historians and anthropologists as well as archaeologists interested in burial and migration more broadly.

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